Sober Living in Rockwall, TX

There are homes and communities for sober living in Rockwall as well as many of the surrounding areas. It is nearly impossible for someone who has never been addicted to a substance or an activity to understand the cravings and urges a person suffering from or recovering from addiction feels on a regular basis.

Even if someone has been very successful in a rehabilitation program, when they return to their former living environment the triggers that led them to using drugs or drinking may be too much to resist. It can be heartbreaking for a person who has recently begun their recovery and made the effort to rid their body of the addictive substance as well as go through therapy and counseling only to start using or drinking again.

In addition to the possible disappointment, going without a program for relapse prevention can be very dangerous, especially when someone is new to recovery, because they may binge on their drug of choice which can lead to an overdose. One way to limit the possibilities of a relapse or maybe even eliminate them altogether is to take part in one of the available sober living programs for people in recovery from drugs or alcohol.

A sober living community can be just the thing a recovering addict or alcoholic needs to put distance between themselves and the situations that used to lead to them using or drinking. Everyone follows a different path to addiction and has just as unique a journey in recovery but everyone can use some assistance when it comes to resisting temptation.

Whether that is a 12-step support organization like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), or an outpatient program that is paired with a completed inpatient program, or a sober living community, what truly matters is the person is successful in recovery over the long-term.

The sober living programs in the Rockwall area can be a perfect bridge between rehab and returning to the living environment you were in before you began recovery. Drug and alcohol rehab programs can recommend options for sober living in Rockwall if you are interested in this option as part of your overall rehabilitation.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living programs are designed to assist individuals, usually who have recently begun their recovery by completing a drug or alcohol rehab program, stay clean and sober. A Sober living community can bridge the gap between a residential drug or alcohol rehab in Rockwall and returning to any typical living situation.

Sober living in Rockwall or anywhere else around the state or region can be combined with a SMART recovery program, another model that is very helpful for people who are committed to remaining clean and sober. SMART recovery is based on a four-point system that correlates very well to what addicts and alcoholics learn in many drug and alcohol rehab programs.

SMART recovery teaches people about building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and living a balanced life. These same points are reinforced in sober living programs.

How Long Would I Have to Stay in a Sober Living House?

How long a person lives in a sober living community or home is somewhat up to them. If a person thinks that the stress of living in a place where drugs or alcohol may be readily available or at least not impossible to get, a sober living home makes much more sense. If you are still feeling urges on a regular basis, it may be best to stay longer in a sober living home than take the chance of having a relapse.

Residing in a Sober Living House -- What Would I Expect?

Much like when you become a part of any aftercare organization, residing in a sober living house puts you together with other like-minded individuals. Addicts and alcoholics often must leave friends and even family members behind when they enter recovery because they do not support their 100% clean and sober living. Sober living in Rockwall introduces you to people who can easily become lifelong friends and more.

Are There Rules in a Sober Living House?

As a member of a group sober living home, you will be expected to do your part when it comes to chores, maintaining the house, and pay your rent and any other bills you are responsible for on time. There is no drug use or drinking (that may be obvious but it is still a rule), and there may be curfews and other rules you must abide by to be a member of the house. Call now for more information (972) 737-6037.

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